Time  2 days 16 hours 9 minutes

Coordinates 1268

Uploaded June 11, 2013

Recorded June 2013

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4,389 f
2,565 f
16.52 mi

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near White Swamp, New South Wales (Australia)

This is one of my favorite hikes and has been classed as, if not the best, Sth East QLD's best through hike. It follows the Scenic Rim from Tiviot Pass to Spicers Pass and bags 13 peaks and knolls along the way. This hike has everything, great views, gorgeous rainforests, hard rock scrambling, great camp sights. BEWARE, there are many difficult cliff breaks to navigate with a through pack. This hike was completed with rain each day making the scrambling very interesting.

Mt Double Top South


Spicers Peak


Lizard Sth Camp


Mt Roberts


Mt Steamer


Steamer Saddle Water


Tiviot Pre Camp


Lower Panorama Point


Mt Asplenium


Mt Huntley - Camp Day 2


Mt Huntley Camp Water


Upper Panorama Point


Lizard Point

Main Range National Park

Mt Double Top North

1100 m height

Nth Steamer Saddle Camp Day 1


  • andyclement Oct 4, 2013

    I am thinking about doing this trail but want to do a 5-6 day circuit. Any suggestions?

  • Photo of Shatkins

    Shatkins Oct 4, 2013

    The walk can be completed from either direction and there is a few options. If hiking from Tiviot there is a side trip option to Mt Superbus and on to the Lincoln plane wreck then back to camp at Lizard south camp with water to the west. The next day could explore the Steamers staying at Nth steamer saddle camp as we did. Further north a side trip to Sentenial Point west of Mt Huntley. Aslo Swan Knoll west of Spicers peak. Details can be found at www.southee.com which has parts of the Bushpeoples guide to SEQ published in 1992 and now out of print. Luckily I'm old enough to own a copy.

    In addition, you could continue north of Spicers along the main rangle. However, access currently is a question but should be reopened soon following last years foods

    Hope this helps

  • climbskiride Aug 2, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Hey mate. Thanks heaps for your track file. 3 mates and I did this yesterday and your gpx file saved us some time and from getting lost more than once :)!

    Def one of the harder hikes I've been on.

    Nice work!!

  • Photo of Shatkins

    Shatkins Aug 2, 2015

    Glad it helped. Hard. However, one of the best in SEQ

  • Matt Rex Apr 25, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great hike and very glad to have this to keep on track. The whole hike was fairly overgrown in parts due to lots of rain recently (including the 3 days we hiked). Hiked this in reverse from Spicers to Teviot. Amazing views and a great experience.

  • Photo of Zubee R

    Zubee R Feb 8, 2020

    Very helpful Shatkins! Came handy going from Spicers to double top and back, will try Going Teviot to Spicer's next weekend.

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