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Recorded July 2015

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near Tintern, Wales (United Kingdom)

This route gets a moderate rating because the navigation is tricky. We wanted about a 10km walk and so selected a route that gave us the distance we wanted.

This walk takes you from Tintern Abbey to the Devil's Pulpit and then back to the Abbey via the old railway route. The first part up to Devil's Pulpit is steep, the return route is a more gentle path.

There are two areas that have views of the Abbey and the valley - one is the Devils Pulpit, the other is further south. You know when you have reached these points because the trees are cut back and you get the view. (Once you know where to look you can see the two 'holes' in the tree canopy from down at the Abbey).

Park in the Abbey car park, the charge is 3 pounds for the day. Take the opportunity to visit the abbey ruins. These are interesting and with the roof missing and grass growing gives a different view to an abbey.

After vising the Abbey head to the bridge then follow the path. We had a hand-held GPS and still made the odd mistake in navigation - partly because we met some people who said they knew where they were going....

On the return path look out for the stone work associated with the railway, the path is via the original railway formation. There is a stone bridge and a lot of stone work on the side of the track.
You almost miss this bridge, and all the stone culverts for the old railway formation.
Pay attention here. The path you need is the one going up hill, it doesn't have a "Devil's Pulpit" sign, just the Offa's Dkye path sign.
It is difficult to find the path here. The path is not very visible, but does turn into a good walking path.
Back on the forestry tracks at this point.
Park here for 3 pounds.


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