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near Kimotesubani, Samtskhe-Javakheti (Georgia)

Walk mostly on quiet roads or tracks through forest, crossing the ridge between the 'Gujaretistskali' river valley and the Bakuriani caldera.
There is an interesting contrast between the alpine Bakuriani area and the warmer drier area round Timotesubani.
Make sure you visit the monastery at Timotesubani, at the beginning of the walk.

There is a small stretch from waypoint 'Pipeline' where there is no obvious path. The route shown here was only on woodcutter's paths, it is probably best to follow the pipeline ( route is visible on Google earth) round the shoulder of the hill until it meets the track coming southwards up the next valley 1km further on.
Maps show a shortcut from the waypoint 'River crossing' to the centre of Mzetamze village. There is a ford across the river there, but the river was quite high at the beginning of July, we went round by the bridge 1.5km to the west.

No flocks encountered, only grazing cattle.

Approx - Actual walking - Distance 13.3 km
- Time 4hr 30min
- Stopped time 1hr 50min

River crossing




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