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Time  5 hours 23 minutes

Coordinates 1193

Uploaded April 21, 2012

Recorded February 2012

111 f
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6.69 mi

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near Mayacas (historical), Florida (United States)

This hike started from the East Union Cypress Campsite where we landed after coming up the St Johns River from Cape Holly. Shawn Riley took me into the area with his motor boat. After landing at the campsite we wandered around the area, sometimes together, sometimes going our own way. It was during the dry season (been here during the wet season and many of these areas were accessible only by boat). I walked along the old Union Cypress railroad bed up to the major canal in the area. If you look around you will see remnants of the old railroad which once crossed the river over to the Jane Green Swamp area. I walked along the canal for a while; some areas have been blocked, so getting anything other than an airboat over the humps can be difficult. You could boat/kayak down this canal from Sweetwater Road off RT192. I then headed down another trail back to the North Indian Field Campsite area. This is a very pretty area to wander around in, you just have to do it during the dry season and when hunting is not going on. I came across a few hunters’ treestands during my wandering. I cannot stress enough; avoid the area during the hunting season! As of 2012 the levee from RT192 or Thomas Lawton Recreation Area were closed - I was told they would open up in 2014. If there is a sign stating the levee is closed, do not ignore it - I did and was given a ticket (another trip from Thomas Lawton). The campsites are hard to find vacant, hunters move in in the fall and don't seem to leave until the spring. Consider carrying out some of the trash you might come across, I did and it is a good feeling! Depending on how quiet and what time of the day you visit the area you should see a variety of wildlife and wildflowers. There are some historical items around to be found, but they are few and far between because the powers to be seem to destroy old-time Florida!
Please, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. You can get more information at my website
One of the blocked areas in the canal
One of the blocked areas in the canal
Major canal in the area
SJRWMD Campsite - tent platforms and firepits
Entered Dike Trail Here
SJRWMD Campsite - tent platforms and firepits
Trailhead back to river area


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