7.03 mi

Elevation gain

1,142 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,142 ft

Max elevation

95 ft



Min elevation

-49 ft

Trail type



6 hours 6 minutes




April 18, 2012


February 2012

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95 ft
-49 ft
7.03 mi

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near Mayacas (historical), Florida (United States)

This hike is on the west side of the St Johns River. It is part of the huge Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area. I'm sorry to say, but the only way to get to this area that I know of is by boat. You could get to it by launching a boat at Camp Holly on RT192 or trying to get to the area by launching a kayak at the Thomas O Lawton Recreation Area. Also, this area can get pretty flooded, so trying to hike around during the wet season just will not work. If the St Johns River is high, forget even trying to walk around these marshes. We did this hike during a pretty dry time, but we still ran into wet areas which couldn't be crossed. The hike starts just down the man-made Bulldozer Canal. Even getting up the canal can be a challenge if it is congested with water plants. You could enter the area directly from the St Johns River if you can not get up the canal. Two other things which you must always be aware of is airboats and hunters. If you hear an airboat coming, get of of its way. If it is hunting season, wear bright colors or stay out of the area entirely.
I found this to be a very beautiful area to visit. It is a marsh area, so you will get a good feel for that type of ecosystem. There are a number of trails created by airboaters to explore, so find them and use them. If your into camping, there are a couple of primitive campsites which can be used. The only problem with campsites is that during hunting season hunters leave their tents up. There are a number of cypress forests located there. You should be able to see the highwater marks on the cypress trees. All forms of marsh wildlife can be spotted if your quiet as you walk around. I hope someday you get to enjoy this public land and all it has to provide. Do not go too far west as that is all private land. Please, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. You can get more information at my website

Bulldozer Campsite #1

First SJRWMD Campsite Along The Bulldozer Canal - Tent Platform and Fire Area

Bulldozer Campsite #2

Second SJRWMD Campsite Along The Bulldozer Canal - Tent Platform and Fire Area

Bulldozer Campsite #3

Third SJRWMD Campsite Along The Bulldozer Canal - Tent Platform and Fire Area
Mountain hut


Private Cabins Along Bulldozer Canal

Kempfer's Property Line

Private Property Line

Spade Island Campsite

Spade Island SJRWMD Campsite


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