Moving time  2 hours 45 minutes

Time  3 hours 59 minutes

Coordinates 2861

Uploaded July 5, 2019

Recorded July 2019

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2,334 ft
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near Theth, Shkodër (Albania)

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Although I have been hiking, xq can take the whole route on foot, we take the track that leads to Nderlisaj and the river we have done it by car. It's July and here it's getting hot!

From where we left the fur it takes +/- 45 ', initially for a track that soon we leave x climb a path that climbs x a landscape with shadows and beech trees, x then go down again to the river where we found the raft.

The start is already spectacular. We reach a wooden bridge and enjoy the views over the river with shallow turquoise waters. The path continues along the river and showing the tube that has been forming.
From the track we also have views over the river.
When we go up the path we begin to find the beech trees and leave the river down, then we enjoy views over the walls of the river and the mountains of the canton.
Finally, we go down again to the river. Before arriving in Syri and Kaltër we find a 'bar' where you can have a refreshing drink on the river. There is also a guest house or place to sleep.
Syri and Kaltër is a raft with a small waterfall, which in its interior has a crystalline water source, which goes to 2 °. With the sun it takes a beautiful turquoise green color. Bathing is for the brave. The water is very cold.
What is worth it is to take advantage of the wooden platform with views and take a refreshing drink after the sweat you are making to arrive.
It's worth to enjoy the place.
The return to the car made us refacing the way. We just approach the river, enjoy the landscape and cross over the wooden bridge to reach a bar-restaurant and have another fresh drink.

Comencem a caminar.


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  • zweigelt11 Aug 9, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    kaum schatten, aber wunderschön

  • Photo of mcarrerasr

    mcarrerasr Aug 21, 2019

    Gràcies per comentar. Nosaltres el 1er tros el vam fer en cotxe per la calor que feia!

    danke fürs kommentieren.
    Wir machten die Strecke, bis wir Nderlisaj mit dem Van erreichten, wegen der Hitze, die es war

  • Photo of Esteban Bravo

    Esteban Bravo Sep 9, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Pretty cool. Amazing views

  • Photo of mcarrerasr

    mcarrerasr Sep 16, 2019

    Gràcies. Thank you

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