6.7 mi

Elevation gain

128 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

4,888 ft

Max elevation

6,577 ft



Min elevation

1,707 ft

Trail type

One Way


2 hours 59 minutes




August 17, 2021


June 2021
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6,577 ft
1,707 ft
6.7 mi

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near Llaz-Bellopaq, Pec (Kosovo)

This is another peak overlooking the city of Peja, and is part of the Accursed Mountains range situated to the north of the town. It is a very attractive peak as mountaineers from Kosovo and beyond summit it throughout the year. The trail to the peak begins from the city centre and progresses through the hills and mountains that offer beautiful landscapes and panoramic views of the Dukagjini flatlands before reaching the summit of Vjellak at 2,014 m. From this point you can see most of Kosovo’s territory on a clear day, as well as the mountain ranges of the Accursed Mountains in Montenegro and Albania. For those that want to continue with the hike, the trail connects to alternative routes that lead towards the villages of Rugova, namely the North to West hiking trail mentioned previously, which connects to Montenegro, as well as the trails of the Peak of Balkans and the Via Dinarica.

Length: 13.3 km
Minimum altitude 520 m / maximum altitude 2,014 m
Difficulty: Moderate (suitable for mountaineers of all ages and visitors who are in good shape and are familiar with hiking, while during the winter season more technical skills are required)
Duration: 5h


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