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Uploaded October 3, 2017

Recorded October 2017

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near Longfaye, Wallonia (Belgique)

The trail leads through the wild and beautiful valley of the Ruisseau de Bayehon. One of the highlights is the Cascade de Bayehon, probably the most picturesque fall in Eastern Belgium. The spectacle is particularly impressive during fall, when the rains have fed the streams and the foliage is colourful.

The trail is well marked by the local authorities, and - judging from the parking lots at the start of the hike - very busy on any weekend. Especially the cascade is a very popular spot, and quite rightly so.

Even the rest of the trail is diversified with changing scenery, mostly with a feeling of wilderness. Some stretches are on forest roads, but much of the trail is on single footpath only, and can be rocky, muddy, and rough. While most of the trails are a long streams and in the valleys, the northern stretches provide a taste of the 'Venn' - the high moorlands of this area.
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  • gorkahn Jul 17, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    très belle ballade, parsemée de myrtille et de framboises, si les premières étaient un peu prématurées, les secondes etaient délicieuses!

  • cathyrosario Oct 29, 2018

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Nous avons rallongé un peu la promenade. Très joli

  • WouterN Dec 26, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very nice hike!
    Be careful on the wooden bridges when its freezing!!
    A few very rocky and rooty sections, also expect some pretty muddy sections when its not freezing.
    We started this hike in Xhoffraix! (Parking at the starting point has very limited capacity). You can connect to the trail from Xhofraix taking the street "Ruelle adam", its a nice addidtion to this hike.

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