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near La Conchilla, Jalisco (Mexico)

Driving Route from La Conchilla, a small town in el Valle de Santa Rosa, near Amatitán, to Las Pilas Balneario and La Taberna distillery. From here begin hiking along a trail to Tequilizinta Mesa, ending finally at a Mirador looking straight down on the Río Santiago.
Park here and hike to Tequilizinta. This balneario costs 20 pesos, has pools with lukewarm water, and has a bar.
Turn at La Conchilla to go to La Taberna.
Across the arroyo you can see Salto Domingo and La Pila Helada.
Previously a ghost town. Now a few people live there.
Good view Santiago River
La Taberna - Go through or over gate and walk 235 meters north to small cement stairway on your left.
Entrance to Tequilizinta area... you're almost there!


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