• Photo of Tecate Peak
  • Photo of Tecate Peak
  • Photo of Tecate Peak
  • Photo of Tecate Peak
  • Photo of Tecate Peak
  • Photo of Tecate Peak

Time  4 hours 31 minutes

Coordinates 988

Uploaded February 16, 2014

Recorded February 2014

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3,894 f
1,801 f
11.77 mi

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near Rancho El Oasis, Baja California (Mexico)

Tough to find and navigate the dirt roads to the trailhead. Don't worry. The numerous federal Border Patrol agents will tell you where to park. Say hi to the sweet dogs at the one house along the way. The barbed wire is wise. Steady fire road grade the whole way. Unfortunate antenna installation at the top. Plenty of tagging along the route and at the peak. We dropped down to see unnecessarily extended border fence, as you can see in the pics. It's a sad scar on the landscape. We were promptly contacted by three feds zipping around on ATVs who asked for our photo identifications and insinuated that we had come from "around the fence." They were cool. But they also said that if you walk along the border fence that it "freaks them out" and that there's a lot of "bandit" activity along the north side of the wall. The mountain is literally crawling with armed agents in and on vehicles. Interesting experience. I know that Tecate Peak is also called Kuchumaa. It is apparently the most sacred of the mountains to many local tribes. According to legend, only initiated shamans were allowed to the summit. There are beautiful views and the ancient stones are amazing. But, on the whole, I wouldn't expect to find a spiritual harmony with nature at the top. There's way too much man on that mountain. However, there was some magic in the air. Something about the amount of moisture in the air and the position of the sun. It was as though there was a giant rainbow circle in the sky. Cool anomaly. See pics.


  • Photo of Jeff S.

    Jeff S. Feb 18, 2014

    Cooler than a double rainbow! https://gl.wikiloc.com/rutas-sendeirismo/tecate-peak-6158992/photo-3370831

  • Photo of Oscar Goy

    Oscar Goy Sep 5, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Excelente vista hacia Tecate

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