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Recorded August 2016

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near Te Anau, Southland (New Zealand)

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Te Anau - Kepler Track (start) 2016-08-05 13:16

One of the tracks of several days best known and valued for all hikers in the world is the Kepler track. This begins and ends in a circular way near Te Anau. Now in winter there are sections with risk of avalanches and refuges may not be in good condition, in addition the day lasts much less ... this is done at moments with better weather. On some occasions, I have seen that in the summer, there are those who dare to do everything in a single day.

Since I had a few hours, I left the center of Te Anau until the official start of the track and I crossed a stretch of the Kepler Track that is preparing to take a walk. I say so because it is filled with footbridges and a pair of bundles to facilitate the transit of people and not get out of the way. The forest that surrounds you is magnificent, with large trees and huge bush ferns, which a few days later cease to amaze you, but that the first day you impress. Another amazing thing about NZ is that there are public toilets in incredible places, really, in the middle of the mountain or the jungle or a remote beach, with water and paper.

In this stretch you have the lake of Te Anau in sight, of 344 square kilometers, with some large boats.

If you can imagine, I still wanted to make the whole track, but I think that given the dates on this trip, what we have decided to do is an excellent option: take full advantage of the days to do short routes, but without pretending to do a track of several days - that forced us to stay in a place.

In summary, a good tasting of what would be a track of several days for NZ.

Health and Legs !!
Wildlife sighting

Birds Reserve

05-AGO-16 3:56:30

Bridge 1

05-AGO-16 5:15:57

Bridge 2

05-AGO-16 5:41:31

Brod Bay

05-AGO-16 5:44:57

Control Gates

05-AGO-16 4:37:32

Dock Bay

05-AGO-16 5:05:25

Fiordland National Park Visitor Center

05-AGO-16 3:37:57

Inici Kepler Track

05-AGO-16 4:31:28

Inici pujada a Luxmore Hut

05-AGO-16 5:50:46

Intersecció Moturau Hut - Luxmore Hut

05-AGO-16 6:48:17

Parking Te Anau

05-AGO-16 7:56:51

Quintin Mackinnon Monument

05-AGO-16 7:40:41


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