Time  8 hours 38 minutes

Coordinates 3525

Uploaded August 15, 2012

Recorded August 2012

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7,308 f
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16.46 mi

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near Tatranská Lomnica, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

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[English] Beautiful circular route through Tatres, Slovakia.

It is a route that goes up to the top of the Jahnací štít, where you do not need to rent the services of a mountain guide or have an express license, as in other nearby summits. This is not less attractive, it is demanding with strong climbing and descending slopes, there are stretches with chains, it also has to climb a bit, and the environment is the same as the other peaks.

The route begins at Tatranská Lomnica. The first section is made in a telecabin to avoid a climbing section, which is a ski slope, and you reach Skalnaté pleso, where there is a pond. Here begins the route following the red and white marks, along a rocky road and in ascending and flat stretches, until you reach a hill where there are spectacular views. From here there is a path that climbs to a nearby summit (Vel'ká Svišt'ovka), and then it goes back to the same hill.

Now comes the zigzag descent, quite inclined where it is quite slippery at times, and with some stretches with chains. It goes away until arriving at the refuge Chata pri Zelenom plese. Now take the path with yellow and white markings, which is climbing with quite a bit of inclination at the beginning, it is gradually softening, and before reaching the neck there is a stretch of chains. Once on the hill the summit is close but there are some climbing and descending climbing slopes that make it longer, and finally you reach the Jahnací štít, with stunning views and you can see Poland to the north.

The descent is done along the same path to the refuge, then take a somewhat broad path that goes through the beautiful forests, crossing the river by bridges, and when you reach the waypoint of the turnoff, take the path with blue and white marks until you get back to the beginning.

01 Inici Telecab

Inici telecabina

10 Coll


11 Jahnací štít

Cim de Jahnací štít

12 Trencall


02 Final telecab

Final telecabina

03 Estany Skalnate Pleso

Estany d'Skalnate Pleso

04 Coll


05 Velka Svistovka

Cim de Vel'ká Svišt'ovka

06 Estany


07 Estany Zelene pleso

Estany Zelené pleso

08 Refugi bar

Chata pri Zelenom plese

09 Estany


Free Parking

Aparcament gratis

Kozí Stit


Lomnický Stit

Lomnický Stit


  • Photo of sjokatt

    sjokatt May 26, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Really beautiful hike but partially challenging closer to the summit. We have to use chains and the path on the ridge at the top is very narrow, so if you have height fear then you should consider to climb this peak. We have had with us a very good local guide and felt confident all the way.

  • Photo of Jurga G.

    Jurga G. Aug 19, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Great route. Very interesting and nice but also difficult. It took us nearly 12 hours to finish the route. We had a lunch on our way in Chata pri Zelenom Plese, but it took not more than 30 min. If going the same route, you have to look for a timing not to end up in the forest in the dark.

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