7.21 mi

Elevation gain

3,507 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3,507 ft

Max elevation

6,628 ft


54 4.4

Min elevation

3,727 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Taljanka peak and best views of Karanfil
  • Photo of Taljanka peak and best views of Karanfil
  • Photo of Taljanka peak and best views of Karanfil
  • Photo of Taljanka peak and best views of Karanfil
  • Photo of Taljanka peak and best views of Karanfil
  • Photo of Taljanka peak and best views of Karanfil


5 hours 31 minutes




November 16, 2013


September 2013
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  • Easy to follow

  • Scenery


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6,628 ft
3,727 ft
7.21 mi

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near Dolja (Montenegro)

e were based in the little lovely town of Plav dominated by its beautiful lake and nearby mountains when decided to make a hike in Grbaja valley which is very close from the town and connected by an asphalted road.

This loop hike starts at the mountaineering hut in Grbaja valley. Initially, it travels in the forest and then fantastic views towards Karanfili other dramatic grey mountains of Prokletje open at the first summit (View point). From the first summit where the best views of Karanfili mountain can be seen, the trail follows the ridge for climbing Taljanka peak and then descending into Albanian territory at the Vajushes (widow) summer pasture where only a shepherd hut is located. From Vajushes, the trail enters the Montenegrin territory for descending in Grbaja valley. From the pass,after Taljanka peak, there are possibilities to descend to the village of Lepushe in Kelmendi region.

The trail is well marked to the summit but one has to stay close to the coordinates for a round trip as described here.

View more external



10-SEP-13 11:19:55


10-SEP-13 14:34:21

Stanet e Vajushes




View point


  • Photo of Kralj
  • Photo of Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction Nov 20, 2013

    Great tour and great pics!

  • VERONIKA_ART Jul 24, 2016

    Hello. Great photos. Did you climb about one kilometer up? Are there options to come closer to the summit by car ?

  • zaander Jul 30, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    This is probably one of the most beautiful hikes you can do in Montenegro! It has a lot of variation, and once you get on the orchid-strewn ridge, there are stunning views throughout. A word of warning though: after the Talijanka summit, the path is nice and easy until you return to Montenegro. From there, the path seems to have been abandoned for a long time and it has degraded a lot. There is one section which involves a very steep and long descent (300m vertical) through slippery scree (you can see where it is in the altitude profile). You shouldn't do this in wet conditions. If it's dry and you are not scared, then it's actually quite enjoyable - once you get the hang of it, you'll actually descend much faster than on regular terrain. The trick is to sink your boots into the scree. If you don't want to do this section, you can just return the same way back from the Talijanka summit, and it will still be hugely enjoyable. You cannot grow tired of these views!

  • Bioholic Aug 10, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Très jolie balade de 5h30 à 7h selon le rythme de marche et les pauses en chemin.
    Des points de vue 360 sur les différentes vallées à couper le souffle... un superbe journée en montagne par beau temps !!!
    La première moitiée de la rando est très facile à suivre et très bien balisée.
    En revanche, la descente, passée les premières centaines de mètres de dénivelé et un petit plateau d'alpage est un peu plus ardue. Le tracé sort du sentier balisé, probablement car le balisage est très mauvais à cet endroit et fait passer par des pierriers... un peu limite avec des enfants surtout en fin de journée ou la fatigue n'aide pas.
    Quelques passages en descente nécessiteraient un bon équipement par temps de pluie car glissant et pentu.
    Ceci étant, par beau temps, c'est tout à fait agréable et faisable même par des randonneurs non aguerris, moyennant une forme physique raisonnable.
    Merci pour ce tracé !!!

  • Photo of mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand Mar 23, 2020

    what a beautiful route,it is the best trail with wonderful photo

  • Nadir N Sep 15, 2022

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    The marked trail is a little confusing to follow at the start but once you're past the forest it's a lot easier. I didn't do the full loop and came back after going 60% of the way because I didn't want to climb downhill on scree with heavy luggage

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