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Uploaded August 20, 2018

Recorded August 2018

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near Sōgayato, Tokyo (Japan)

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Takao-san - Mount Kusato - Mount Kobotoke - Mount Takao - 高 尾 山 2018-08-13 9:05

The usual and classic walk (in different versions) goes from the Takao-san station to Buddhist and Shinto temples (like Yakunoin). Many visitors use the chairlift or funicular, others the No. 1 path, except the others, some go up to the Takao (599 m) and the least to Kobotoke (670 m).

My choice has been to make the climb from the station for a much less busy, very beautiful and entertaining trail that goes up to Mount Kusato with views of the Shiroyama and Tsukui lakes. In this stretch of the road I have greeted many people, walkers and runners, all very nice, all Japanese. Finally (there is a climb that is worth it ;-) I arrive at Mount Kobotoke (there I find Japanese runners that take ice giant ice cream 400 yen) and take the easiest way to get off at Takao-san.

I must say that between Mount Kobotoke and Mount Takao, a real storm began, with lightning, thunder, heavy rain and a strong wind. With that heat, he did not even have a scrap. I managed to reach some baths on the way to Mount Takao where I took refuge (accompanied after a minute by a young Japanese who did not speak English) until the worst part of the storm came. The rays falling so close that it was a long time since I did not feel the crunching of the thunder so much above me. Because I had an appointment in Tokyo, and I did not want to miss it, although it was still raining abundantly (and the Internet forecast was that it would continue - I taught the Japanese companion ... that I understood perfectly) We decided to walk in the rain until the station. Although my forecast was to get off the Takao for a less busy track, raining as it rained, I decided on route No. 1, which is the one used by the vehicles.

It was the only day I remembered that the trains were out of time, given the water trunk that had fallen into the area, and my train stopped at all stations - I think the strangest ones were their own Japanese.

A very interesting route with a steep slope, a real steep climb. If you like to walk, it is an interesting route to make it complete, if you want to do it calmly, you can make one of the classical climbs from Takao-san.

Health and Legs !!
Train stop

Takaosanguchi (Estació)

13-AGO-18 2:05:23

Inici corriol

13-AGO-18 2:10:18


13-AGO-18 2:19:10

Punt amb cordes

13-AGO-18 2:45:20

Antiga torre elèctrica

13-AGO-18 2:51:46

Intersecció Hazama

13-AGO-18 2:58:02

Intersecció Machida

13-AGO-18 3:09:55


13-AGO-18 3:23:22


13-AGO-18 3:40:40


13-AGO-18 4:33:10


13-AGO-18 4:50:19


13-AGO-18 5:02:06

Odarumi Pass

13-AGO-18 5:34:34


13-AGO-18 6:13:25


13-AGO-18 6:28:01

Mount Kobotoke

13-AGO-18 6:32

Mirador - Intersecció

13-AGO-18 6:56:50

Banys (refugi)

13-AGO-18 7:20:37

Mount Takao

13-AGO-18 7:52:47
Sacred architecture

Temple Yakuoin

13-AGO-18 8:04:28


  • Photo of montagut

    montagut Aug 26, 2018

    Sorprèn veure un país amb tanta natura viva.

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Aug 27, 2018

    En aquesta sortida montagut, vaig poder comprovar que els japonesos caminen i corrent pels seus boscos. Em vaig creuar amb persones grans (soles o en grup), i em va donar clarament la sensació que saben gaudir del senderisme i el running per les seves muntanyes.
    Salut i Cames!!

  • Photo of Nicky2202

    Nicky2202 Jan 6, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Very nice trail - just at the end I changed the way a little bit,because it was Sunday and too many people!

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Jan 6, 2019

    Yes Nicky2202, the part of temples is sure to be with a lot of people in a weekend. I had planned another route, but the storm of rain and lightning made me accelerate the end ;-)
    Thanks for your comment
    Salut i Cames!!

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