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near Oranjezicht, Western Cape (Republic of South Africa)

Table Mountain is a 'must see' for anyone visiting the Cape Town area. Recently voted as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world it is a landmark for Cape Town and the surrounding area. There are many ways to 'do' Table Mountain, here's my take on the best way.

Pick a day when the top is visible (Web cams are available). Drive past the lower cableway station on Tafelberg Road, the trail starts at a sharp left bend on Tafelberg Road at Platteklip Gorge trail which is a foot path that is marked on google maps. Parking is available right near the start point.

Give yourself 4-6 hours, bring water and an extra layer (weather can change quickly). The hike up is demanding but not technically difficult, a lot like climbing large rock stairs for 2 hours. Pace yourself, you are going up over 700 meters.

At the top of the gorge, turn right (trails are marked and easy to follow) and do a small loop to the upper Cable Car station. Washrooms, drinking fountain and cafe are available. The views are excellent. If exhausted, take the cable car down.

Still good? Finish the loop back to the top of the gorge and do another larger loop over to Maclear's Beacon. The larger loop gives you some more nice views, takes you to the highest point in the area and is a lot less traveled. Note, once you reach the top of the gorge there is very little elevation change in the figure 8 loop but I was surprised to see that once you are at the top of Table Mountain it is definitely not flat like a table.

After looping back to the top of the gorge, take a deep breath before heading down. The descent takes about 90 minutes and is a lot easier than the climb up.

The cost is free, the views impressive and you'll get a good workout too!

Contour intersection

Turn left and join the Contour path for a short distance.

Intersection 2

Turn right and resume your climb to the top.

Top of the gorge

The tough part of the climb is done! There is a loop to the right (Cableway Station) and one to the left (Maclear's Beacon). A relatively flat figure 8 with the centre at the top of the gorge (here).

Upper Cable Car

Very busy here with washrooms, cafés, a drinking fountain and information boards on wildlife and geography.

Maclear's Beacon

An early marking point that is at the highest elevation of the hike (1,119 meters).

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    In any case, only with sturdy shoes and with a conditional good wheater forecast.

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