Moving time  4 hours 16 minutes

Time  7 hours 22 minutes

Coordinates 3195

Uploaded May 19, 2019

Recorded May 2019

1,930 f
1,152 f
11.52 mi

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near Tabernas, Andalucía (España)

A beautiful hike around El Búho hill, just outside Tabernas. The plan was to go west after 6.5 km at Piedras de Gérgal, but that was not possible. A farmer had fenced off the area. We had to press on further north to walk around the large olive grove, and hope for the best. The scenery further up north is spectacular. At 10.7 km the road seemed to have disappeared and we accidentally left the Rambla the Benavides and so we came across a beautiful lunar landscape. At 12 km we went the wrong way yet again and we had to backtrack a little. At 13.5 km there is a small canyon somewhere which will take you back to the Rambla de Benavides, and all the way back to Tabernas.


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