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near Banff, Alberta (Canada)

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We received this trail through the Visitor Information Center and were thrilled.
As crowds begin the Sulfur Mountain Trail from Mountain Avenue and climb Sulfur Mountain within sight of the gondola, this trail awaits loneliness and pure nature.
At the beginning, you walk straight towards the Cave and Basin Springs and then follow the Bow River, which offers pictures that are unique due to its variety of colors. A rider's trail runs there ebenfals. Continue along this path until you come to a fork and recognize the trail number.
From this point, the ascent to Sulfur Mountain begins and you will think again and again, why do I do this. However, you will be rewarded with a view of the entire area and the beauty and uniqueness of the National Park and Canada. You can follow the Bow River through the valley, admire the miles long freight train, take photos of marmots and enjoy the panorama. But the ascent also means uphill. Approximately 2.5 to 3 h is more, sometimes less uphill and water should be available in abundance. Because on the way there is no hut to strengthen oneself. But the view and the silence of nature compensate for everything.
However, once you've blessed Sulfur Mountain, the silence and seclusion is over, and crowds of people cavort on the observation deck, sometimes in whimsical beachwear.
You will notice with a fire-red head and the need for water or a cool cyclist.
After a refreshment for which there are taken care of course, you can either return by train in the valley and from there by bus to Banff or you run down the rather heavily practiced Sulfur Mountain Trail down and smiles at the people who meet you, they do not know what you missed with the breathtaking climb on the other side of the mountain. The path in the valley is in itself Serpentienenförmig created and leads below the gondola into the valley.
Once in the valley, reward yourself with a visit to the Upper Hot Springs and return to Banff by bus for $ 2 per person.

This trail combines everything we imagined in Canada and its mountains. Pure nature and loneliness!

PS: Pictures follow!


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