9.29 mi

Elevation gain

82 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

82 ft

Max elevation

33 ft



Min elevation

-16 ft

Trail type





August 30, 2021


August 2021
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33 ft
-16 ft
9.29 mi

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near Southwold, England (United Kingdom)

This walk can be divided into two if the bridge across the river Blythe is closed.

Park in Southwold, York Road, near the water towers.
Head west passing the water towers, left, and cross the golf course.
At the disused railway, head left, SW, following the old line.
Cross the river (A) and turn right along the flood wall, river, right.
Follow the riverside for nearly two miles.
Turn left, east, and cross a damp meadow.
Turn right, south, and pass a decrepit old house.
Follow a farm track, south, for 400 metres.
Turn left, east, along another farm track leading to the common land.
Enter the common and head roughly SE.
After the old railway bridge (B), turn left, NE, and head back to the river crossing.
Cross the river, turn right, SE. Follow the river to Southwold Harbour.
Attractions include a pub, a chandlers, sheds with fish for sale and the ferry.
Turn left, NE, onto a footpath, caravan park right.
In Southwold, head to the promenade and the pier.
Optionally divert via the pier and visit Tim Hunkin's quirky machine collection and water clock.
300 metres north of the pier, head inland, west, drain right.
Cross the A1095 and head west, waterway right.
After a kilometre, turn right, NW, and cross the waterway.
Head left, west, gorse bank right, for 40 metres.
Turn left, SW, and head back to the river.
At the bridge, turn left, NE, along the old railway route.
After 480 metres, turn right and head to York Road, golf club left.
Turn left, NE, along York Road to return to the car park.

If the bridge is closed, the walk on the Walberswick side can be started from St. Andrews Church.
Head north along Church Lane. Turn right, east.
At Palmer's Lane turn left, north, then NW, then NE.
At the bridge turn left and follow the route above (A).
At point (B) head SE and return to Church Lane and the church.

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TM 48948 74966, Walberswick, St Andrews Church

TM 48948 74966, Walberswick, St Andrews Church

TM 50324 76290, Southwold

TM 50324 76290, Southwold

TM 51132 76794, Southwold Pier


Walberswick, Foot Ferry £2

Walberswick, Foot Ferry £1

Harbour Inn, Southwold

Harbour Inn, Southwold



Bridge Closed

Bridge Closed - Please check


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