9.95 mi

Elevation gain

85 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

85 ft

Max elevation

52 ft



Min elevation

-7 ft

Trail type





August 30, 2021


August 2021

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52 ft
-7 ft
9.95 mi

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near Reydon, England (United Kingdom)

Avoid busy times for the road leg along the B1127.

Park at Reydon, St Margaret's Church.
Please leave the parking spaces near the church clear for church visitors.
Head west into the cemetery and then left, south, to an out-building.
Head south across the B1126 and continue south, hedge right on a footpath.
Emerge into Keens Lane and head south. At the B1095, turn left, east, for 180 metres.
There is a useful woodland path parallel with the road.
Turn right, SW, along the footpath and drop down to the marshland.
Turn left, SE, between two pools for 100 metres.
Turn left, east, drain right, and head to the A1095.
Turn left, north, along the main road for 160 metres.
Turn right, north, along the B1127, for 300 metres.
Bear left, NW, into Covert Road.
At the end go north into Rissmere Lane East, sports field right.
At the end, turn right, NE, into Smear Lane East.
Head past some farm buildings and onto a path, NE.
At the Lowestoft Road, B1127, turn left, north. Avoid busy times.
After 600 metres, the nature reserve boardwalk, right, is closed.
Continue along the main road for another 400 metres.
Some walkers might be using the field perimeter, hedge left, to avoid the traffic.
Turn right, NE, along Green Lane and follow the meanders north and east.
Turn left, north, still on Green Lane and cross the Covehithe road, house left.
Continue north for 470 metres. Soon after a barn turn left, west.
The path kinks right and left and continues west.
Turn left, south, along the B1127 for 160 metres.
After the Five Bells, turn right, west, phone mast ahead.
The path bends left, passes a sewage works and then heads left, south.
Turn right, west, on the tarmac lane for nearly a mile. The road bends left, SW.
Bear left, SW, onto a No Through Road and drop down to the valley.
Cross the stream and head south, hedge left. After woods continue south, hedge left.
The perimeter path bends right, SW. After 250 metres, turn left, SE.
After 360 metres, turn left, east, and after 280 metres, right, south.
Cross Rissmere Lane East, and continue south, hedge right.
Follow the field perimeter left. Then turn right, south across an open field.
The path bends left, SE, towards the church.
Cross the field. Visit the church and return to the car park.

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Potter's Bridge Board-Walk Unsafe and Closed


Randolph, Reydon

Car park

TM 49208 78181, Reydon

  • Photo of TM 49208 78181, Reydon
  • Photo of TM 49208 78181, Reydon
  • Photo of TM 49208 78181, Reydon
  • Photo of TM 49208 78181, Reydon
TM 49208 78181, Reydon. Please park at the east end, away from the church.

Five Bells, Wrentham


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