7.91 mi

Elevation gain

184 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

184 ft

Max elevation

125 ft



Min elevation

-3 ft

Trail type





August 18, 2021


August 2021
125 ft
-3 ft
7.91 mi

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near Dunwich, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Dunwich Beach (Donation)

Head south along Beach Road.
Turn right, west, along St. James Street, pub left.
After the church, turn right, NW, along Westleton Road.
After 130 metres, turn right, NE, uphill.
After 10 metres, optionally divert left to the tea rooms.
Otherwise continue roughly NE along the gravel track for a mile.
Turn left, SW, house right, power lines right.
Follow the forest road for 800 metres.
Bend left, south for 50 metres.
When the wider track bends right, turn off, left, south, on a much smaller path.
Head south for 770 metres ignoring side turnings.
The path bends right, west. Cross a wide track and continue west for 50 metres.
Turn left, south, through a kissing gate. Head to the St. Helena car park.
Turn right, west, through the car park. Leave by the path in the NW corner.
The path heads west and soon bends left, south to the tarmac lane.
Cross Westleton Road and continue south on a small path.
The path drops into a valley and wet woodland.
At farm buildings, skirt round the perimeter, then turn right, and left, south.
Head to Dunwich Road and cross over. Continue SE for 900 metres.
At a cross paths with several mature oaks, turn right, SW.
After 350 metres, turn left off the main path and head east for 30 metres.
Turn right, south and head downhill.
Near the bottom, turn right, west, and drop down the steps for 30 metres.
Turn left, south, and follow the path that meanders beside a watercourse.
In three places, turn right to stay near Docwra's Ditch.
If you have time sit silently to see water voles and otters.
This path bends east and after more meanders emerges near the coastguard cottages.
There is a cafe, gift shop and toilets.
Head east passing all the buildings, then left, north, parallel with the coast.
Note the the four antennas used to track migrating Nathusius' pipistrelle bats.
Head north parallel with the sea and road.
Cross Minsmere road and continue roughly north on a path parallel with Minsmere road.
After 860 metres, turn right, cross the road and head NE into woodland.
Follow this path roughly north emerging on Westleton Road.
Turn right, roughly east, and head into the High Street (gravel).
Follow this path back to the cliffs and Greyfriars Friary ruins.
Head north along the cliff top back to the car park.

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TM 47684 67730, Minsmere NT


Coast Guard Cottages, Minsmere


Dingle Hill Tearooms

Dingle Hill Tearooms

TM 47892 70712, Dunwich Beach

TM 479 707, Dunwich Beach

Flora Tea Rooms, Dunwich

Flora Tea Rooms, Dunwich

Ship, Dunwich

Ship, Dunwich

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