8.52 mi

Elevation gain

253 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

253 ft

Max elevation

90 ft



Min elevation

-71 ft

Trail type





November 11, 2020


November 2020

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90 ft
-71 ft
8.52 mi

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near Nacton, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the Nacton Picnic Site, Shore Lane. There are three parking bays.
Head south to the river.
Turn left, SE, and follow the flood wall.
Work your way round a creek formed by a tributary stream.
Continue on the flood wall to the Levington Marina.
Head roughly east through the marina.
The right of way passes behind (north of) the chandlers and retail buildings.
Cross the marina access road and head east along a woodland path.
At Loompit Lake, turn right, south, and head along the flood wall.
At the river, turn left, SE, lake left.
After Loompit Lake, turn first left, east, on a dirt road.
Soon after woodland, right, turn left, NW, across a meadow down into the valley.
Pass a house, right, in the valley bottom.
Head NW, uphill. Follow the main track when it bends right, NE.
Before the railway crossing, turn left, NW, towards farm buildings.
Head through the farm and continue west, woodland left.
This track joins the marina access road. Turn right, north.
Turn left, west, along a narrow tarmac lane for 570 metres.
Here there is a choice.
Either: Continue straight on roads, through Levington village, to see the church, etc.
Or: Turn right, north, woodland left on a track and later footpath.
The path bends left, NW.
The path turns right, NE, paddocks left.
At the road, turn left, NW, and soon north, passing farm buildings.
Continue a little east of north. Then bend left, NW, greenhouses left.
Turn left, SW, along Bridge Road, research buildings and industry left.
Continue SW until Bridge road bends south. There are power lines overhead.
Turn right, NW, and first left, SW, houses and gardens left.
Follow this footpath SW, down to Levington Road.
At the road, turn right, NW, for 50 metres.
Turn left, west, onto a woodland path.
Follow this path back to Shore Lane.
Turn left, south, to return to the car parking areas.

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Car park

Nacton Picnic Site

  • Photo of Nacton Picnic Site
Nacton Picnic Site
Car park

TM 21990 39178, Nacton Picnic Site

  • Photo of TM 21990 39178, Nacton Picnic Site
TM 21990 39178, Nacton Picnic Site


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