9.28 mi

Elevation gain

167 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

167 ft

Max elevation

92 ft



Min elevation

-49 ft

Trail type





August 5, 2021


August 2021
92 ft
-49 ft
9.28 mi

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near Sudbourne, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: Short legs look as though they might flood at spring or surge high tides.
It should be possible to divert via higher ground.

Park at Sudbourne, All Saints Church.
Head NE along the tarmac lane passing the church.
After 220 metres, turn left, NE, into the woodland.
Follow the path, NE. The right of way cuts across a field.
But everyone seems to head north, then turn right, east, to reach Ferry Road.
Head left, NE, along Ferry Road all the way to the river.
The footpath is signposted and well maintained.
At the river, turn left and follow the flood wall.
Stay near the water, ignoring a path that diverges left.
At the Alde Mudflats sign, turn left, west, and head away from the river.
The path kinks left and right and continues west.
Later the grassy path turns into a gravel track and finally tarmac.
For a shorter way home follow Ferry Road, left, roughly south (green).
The longer and nicer route continues west.
Turn left, SW, into Sandy Lane for 600 metres.
Turn left onto a concrete road and head south. There is a footpath sign.
This road bends SE, SW, SE and finally SW again.
Continue SW to Snape Road. Turn right, NW, for 180 metres.
Turn left, SW, along fire road 23. Note the BMX track (left).
After 560 metres, bend slightly left, SW.
In the tall bracken season this is easily missed.
Continue SW until a much wider track.
In August, this required fighting through head high bracken for a short stretch.
Turn left, east, along the wider path.
At Blacklands Lane, head SE, woods right, paddocks left.
Leave the woodland and head SE, hedge left.
Turn left, NE, hedge left.
At Snape Road, kink left and right, and head east into more woodland.
Turn right, south, woods both sides for 60 metres.
Turn left, SE, still in woodland. Turn right, south along a wide gravel road.
Return to the church and car parking.

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TM 42006 51955, Sudbourne All Saints

TM 42006 51955, Sudbourne All Saints

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Missing Bridge

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BMX Track


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