Time  5 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates 1503

Uploaded October 18, 2018

Recorded August 2018

12,253 f
7,496 f
5.79 mi

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near Tarōbō, Shizuoka (Japan)

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At three o'clock in the morning we turn on the light to get up, here the custom is to reach the summit at night and see the sunrise, but at this time it is cold at this time, so breakfast and I hope, the refugees tell me I can wait until five.
I put on all the clothes I have and I start to walk, it is not bad of cold, soon the sun rises and I start to give by our zone with which it heats, today I have to climb very little, I climb well the part that I have left and I see the end up.
There are a lot of people taking photos and I included also, I find a place to drink something hot coffee as something and I have to continue, once I have reached the top of Mount Fuji by the trail Fujinomiya trail, now I am part of the circular route from Mount Fuji called Ohachimeguri trail, until you reach the summit of the Yoshida trail.
On this route the ascent and descent are by different roads, so you will find less people and be more comfortable. Part of the road is a wide track with volcanic earth, it is more comfortable but the problem is that of the level I will lower from 3770 to 2300.
It is convenient to bring some water and food because we have few points where we can buy, we must also take into account a crossing that if I get confused, it will take me to another road and we will only find one services halfway, at the end and by the lower part we enter in a very beautiful forest.
When we arrived at La Quinta Estación we have everything here, there were many people, I had to locate the bus that would take us down from the 5th station to Fujisan station, as you are on the esplanade there is a bus on the left, there are usually enough but it is good that you report.
In the same station of Fujisan we take another bus that takes us to Tokyo, I was lucky and I only had to wait about 30 minutes, in Tokyo it leaves us at the Shinjuku station that connects with any point of Tokyo by subway.
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8th Sta. Shita-Edoya, Cuidado desvio


8th Sta. Ue-edoya


9.5th Sta. Munatsuki-sanso


Bus stop


Centro de guías del monte Fuji


Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Sta


Joujudake Peak






    You can or this trail