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near Bretton Woods, New Hampshire (United States)

This is an XC ski trail that Bretton Woods maintains. In the winter, you'd only be able to use XC skis, no hiking or snow shoes.

The trail was fairly wet, not sure if it is like that all the time or not. View from cabin is included. The cabin is quite small, very clean, includes a cot and wood stove.


  • Photo of jmmdds

    jmmdds Feb 18, 2013

    Thank you for the Track.

  • Zoroofottawa1 Sep 5, 2015

    Thank you for the track. The track is not popular with the hiking folks. I guess this is because is unpleasant in spring and early summer due to many muddy places. I hiked to the cabin on Labour Day 2015. It was ok, as long as you chose carefully your steps in some areas. There is only one spot with a nice view of some peaks in the distance.

  • Photo of JCE

    JCE Sep 5, 2015

    Zoroofottawa1, glad you enjoyed. Its just another one of those "got to see what is there" types of trails. We enjoyed doing it but not sure if or when we'd repeat it.

    Thanks for your note.

  • Zoroofottawa1 Sep 6, 2015

    Got the same feeling once on the trail: "got to see what is there".
    By the way, tomorrow I plan to hold on the Middle Men trail. I see I will be using your track again. Is this trail more frequented by people? I'll be hiking with my wife.

  • Photo of JCE

    JCE Sep 6, 2015

    There is "Middle Mtn and Peaked Mtn" in the Conway area, these are both hikes that others do and popular. I have also done "Middle Mtn and Mt Crag" in the Shelbourne area, these are not popular hikes.

    "Middle Mtn and Peaked Mtn", in Conway area, is a nice loop and have views.

  • Zoroofottawa1 Sep 6, 2015

    Many thanks!

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