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near Kinlochmore, Scotland (United Kingdom)

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According to different pages consulted, this was one of the coolest easy routines to do in Scotland, so we went there. It is worthwhile, both the walk and the beautiful valley that reaches the end, with the colophon waterfall.
To get there, take the C-1162 road at a roundabout between Inverlochy and Fort William. From there, continue straight on the road, be patient with the passing places, since the road is one lane for the most part and after a couple of perfectly marked crossings, you reach the parking lot, where the road ends.
At the beginning of the route there is a signpost, where it emphasizes the danger of it, although it seemed very easy to travel. Of course, the road is narrow and you have to cross a couple of streams that come down from the mountain where you have to go with a tad of an eye.
IBP: 20
0h00 '(135m) - Ben Nevis Parking. At the end of the parking lot (E), the path we are going to follow is born. At first it gradually gains height through a beech forest. We carry the river to our right and to the left, Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in Scotland.
0h15 '(195m) - Allt Garbth. Following the path we find on our left a stream that forms a beautiful waterfall just before passing through the path. Here you have to be a little careful, because the stones to cross are wet, but nothing great. After the stream, the path turns south and the slope softens.
0h30 '(220m) - Valley. The left side opens to create a beautiful valley. We already see the waterfall in the background, so we headed towards it, always on the left of the river.
0h40 '(220m) - Tibetan Bridge. To get to the foot of the waterfall, you have to cross the river by a Tibetan bridge in good condition. There are a lot of people and the pace is slow, so we decided not to cross and go back a little further on the river to the left to get to the waterfall. On the other side of the river, a refuge / shelter can be sensed. To return, we retraced the path.
1h30 '(135m) - Parking. End of the route.

Steall Fall.
The spectacular waterfall known variously as An Steall Bay, Steall Waterfall or Steall Falls is situated in Glen Nevis near Fort William, Highland, Scotland. It is Scotland's second highest waterfall with a single drop of 120 meters (390 ft). The fall can be viewed from the path that runs through the Nevis Gorge, an area owned by the John Muir Trust which manages the area for its wilderness qualities. An Steall Bàn means "The White Spout" in Gaelic.

Aparcamiento Ben Nevis

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007 Allt Garbth

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Río Nevis

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Puente tibetano

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Steall Fall

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