Time  11 hours 28 minutes

Coordinates 4517

Uploaded April 27, 2018

Recorded April 2018

1,118 f
-408 f
14.83 mi

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near Newé Ur, Northern District (Israel)

This hike is a third segment of the Spring Valley Trail, it goes from Kohav HaYarden (Belvoir Fortress) to the Menahemia forest. The trail goes through the wonderful Nahal Tavor and through endless fields of the Lower Galilee. In the Menahemia forest itself there are several viewpoints with gorgeous views of the Kinneret and the Jordan valley.

The hike is best done in the end of winter (March is probably the best month) when everything is green and the temperatures are not that high. Never do this hike during the summer! The heat is unbearable and there is not a lot of shade along the way.


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