Time  5 hours 54 minutes

Coordinates 1370

Uploaded August 12, 2018

Recorded August 2018

8,973 f
6,641 f
5.33 mi

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near Vihren, Област Благоевград (България)

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A beautiful circular path that goes to the climber / hiker on the surrounding peaks of the spano pole hut. Path does not exist. He wants a little attention from Spanopolski Chukar to Banderishki Chukar
The climber and water need to carry because only at the end of the route he finds
Η πιο κοντική και εύκολη κορυφή από Spano Pole Hut.
  • Photo of Banderishki Chukar
  • Photo of Malko Spanopolsko Ezero
  • Photo of Βρυσούλα


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