Time  3 hours 51 minutes

Coordinates 1080

Uploaded August 6, 2012

Recorded July 2012

2,025 f
1,712 f
6.27 mi

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near Uršic, Kamnik (Slovenija)

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Very pleasant route through the gorges of Predoselj. Starts and ends at the parking lot at Kamnica Bistrica. We went to the track and back along the course of the river, but depending on the time or if you want to swim in the river (very cold, but revitalizing) it can be done the other way around.
Molt freda però revitalitzant.


  • jeffrey.murdock Nov 8, 2013

    Great photo. https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-senderisme/soteska-predoselj-3167425/photo-1333163

  • Photo of MikLondin

    MikLondin Nov 8, 2013

    ...and nice place :), thanks a lot!! https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-senderisme/soteska-predoselj-3167425/photo-1333163

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