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Recorded November 2017

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near Solwaster, Wallonia (Belgique)

Excellent hike along the rivers Hoëgne, Polleur and Statte, across moors, and through woods, from Solwaster to Baraque Michel and back. You need waterproof shoes. At one point, you need to cross the Hoëgne without a bridge (see waypoint ‘Hoëgne crossing’ for more information). You will find something to eat and drink on Baraque Michel, in Solwaster, and near the waypoint marked ‘ford’. The day I did this hike, it was grey with snow above 500 m altitude.
The hike starts at a parking along the road to Solwaster, close to exit 9 of the E42 motorway. You first follow the Hoëgne downstream for a bit more than 1 km, crossing the stream on some narrow and not so reliable looking bridges a few times. Where the Statte flows into the Hoëgne, you cross the river and walk towards Solwaster on asphalt roads through pasture. From Solwaster you walk on to the edge of the forest, where you enter the Route de la Statte, a trail along the river. This track follows the river, sometimes crossing it. After a bit less than 1 km, there is a rocky outcrop (Rocher de Bilisse), which you climb for the (limited) view. After the climb you return to the Statte and follow it upstream. You pass by the Cascade de Nutons. A bit further you cross a forest road, and continue on the track which is narrow and becomes muddier as you leave the forest and enter the moors. When you arrive to another forest road, you follow it uphill until you get to a monument dedicated to American pilots, on the edge of the Grande Fagne. From here you follow a narrow and sometimes very wet track along the moor until you get to an elevated gravel track which takes you through the moor to Baraque Michel. You will find some border stones of the former Prussia-Belgian border along this path. From Baraque Michel you walk to the Fagne de Polleur, which you cross on another elevated gravel track. A smaller path takes you up through the spruce forest along the Polleur river with good views across the moor. At the end of the path you cross the Polleur and take a (wet) path along the river, cross it once more and follow a broader track along the river, until you get to another small and muddy track along the river which turns into the Hoëgne after merging with the Herbofaye stream. A bit further you come to the place where you have to cross the Hoëgne. There was a makeshift bridge made of some trunks during my trip (see the waypoint for more information). After the Hoëgne crossing you get to a broad forest road which you follow all the way to a large bridge across the Hoëgne near Hockai. Here, the popular Sentier de la Hoëgne starts, a track along the river in the wooded valley, with various bridges and waterfalls. You more or less follow this track all the way back to the starting point.
Hiking times:
Start-Solwaster 0h30
Solwaster-Baraque Michel 2h30
Baraque Michel-Sentier de la Hoëgne 2h15
Sentier de la Hoëgne 1h20
Information point

Baraque Michel

Popular destination. Also a good alternative starting point of the walk. There is a large parking lot here, a tavern, and a bus stop. It can be quite busy.


Bridge on the Hoëgne river

Bridge across the Polleur

Wooden bridge across the Polleur river

Cascade de Ruisseau des Plénisses

The Ruisseau des Plénisses cascades into the Hoëgne river here

Cascade des Nutons

The Nutons stream cascades into the Statte river

Cascade Leopold II

Waterfall in the Hoëgne near a picknick spot

Cascade Marie-Henriette

Waterfall in the Hoëgne river
Information point

Fagne de Polleur

You arrive to the Fagne de Polleur (Polleur moor) here. The source of the Polleur river (further downstream Hoëgne river) is here. To the left is Mont Rigi with another tavern
Information point


The Hoëgne river flows across the road to the parking lot. There is a restaurant and a bar here.
Information point

Forest road

You arrive to this paved forest road, leave the track and walk further uphill towards the Grande Fagne.
Information point

Forest Road towards Hockai

On this unpaved forest road you walk down to the Hoëgne bridge near Hockai
Information point

Hoëgne crossing

Here you have to cross the Hoëgne river. On the map it was indicated as a ford. There was a makeshift bridge made of tree trunks here that helped me cross the stream without getting wet feet. In case you arrive here without the makeshift bridge being present and no good wading points, you might decide to avoid the crossing and walk to the next bridge. This involves walking 1 km south-southeast perpendicular to the Hoëgne, then turning right parallel to the Hoëgne and walk for about 1.3 km, and then turning right again and walk back to the Hoëgne for 1.1 km. This detour adds 1.7 km to the hike. I did not walk this detour myself but consulted a map.
Information point

Monument for American Pilots

Monument dedicated to American pilots.
Information point

Path along Hoëgne

Trail along the Hoëgne with several river crossings on small bridges (see photos; might not be suited for everybody).
Information point

Path along the Polleur

Path taking you up onto the hillside next to the Polleur river covered with spruces, with good views of the moor.
Information point

Path along the Statte

At the end of the asphalt road a trail with bridges takes you along the Statte river

Polleur bridge

Bridge of a forest road across the Polleur. There is a small hut here.
Information point

Rocher de Bilisse

A nice rock formation which you can climb for a view.
Information point

Sentier de la Hoëgne

Here the popular trail along the Hoëgne starts, with lots of bridges and waterfalls. See also http://www.excursion.be/promenades/promenade-feerique-dans-la-vallee-de-la-hoegne/
Information point


Village. There is a restaurant near the church. The village is surrounded by pasture.
Information point

Track along the Hoëgne

Narrow and muddy track along the Hoëgne
Information point

Track through Grande Fagne

A somewhat elevated path wind sand and gravel takes you through the moors to Baraque Michel. Along the path you will find border stones between former Prussia and Belgium
Information point

Trail along the Grande Fagne

From here you follow a narrow trail along the moors (there used to be woods on the other side, but they have been partly cut). The trail is sometimes very wet, and difficult to follow. After about 1 km you could go straight on and turn left to avoid the wettest part of this track.
Information point

Trail along the Statte

Trail along the Statte. This part of the trail is much wetter and muddier than the first part. Probably due to getting out of the valley and onto the moor.


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    n4nth4b33 Apr 28, 2018

    Today we gonne walk your beautyful route!👍

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    Eric van Gaal Apr 29, 2018

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    Afwiseende route ... mooie omgeving

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    Did it after a week of raining. Half the trail is basically a wetland, so keep that in mind. Ecellent trail!

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    Tjaart Molenkamp Oct 2, 2020

    It can be very wet in the High Fens indeed M4All! Glad you liked it!

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