Time  5 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 1297

Uploaded August 22, 2017

Recorded August 2017

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1,158 f
479 f
9.14 mi

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near Sognsvann, Oslo Fylke (Norge)

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September 2017 - The idea was to go to Ullevalseter but the trail I found on Wikiloc seemed very urban ... I went on other trails, getting lost and finding myself and did this course! Not too difficult, but also not very easy ... stretches with lots of mud and water! But with waterfalls, lakes, rivers and everything else ... it was worth it!
  • Photo of Início da trilha
Início da trilha
  • Photo of Entrada lakeberget
Entrada lakeberget
  • Photo of Estacionamento e o lago
Estacionamento e o lago
  • Photo of Abrigo Largados e Pelados
Abrigo Largados e Pelados
  • Photo of Cachoeira
  • Photo of Cachoeira
  • Photo of Cachoeira e Barragem
Cachoeira e Barragem
  • Photo of Barragem
  • Photo of Ruinas
  • Photo of Ponte
  • Photo of Ullevalseter resturante
Ullevalseter resturante
  • Photo of Trilha de retorno
Trilha de retorno
  • Photo of Ruínas
  • Photo of Rio
  • Photo of Paredão! Avalanche
Paredão! Avalanche
  • Photo of Lago
  • Photo of Final da trilha
Final da trilha

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  • jesusangel1991 Sep 16, 2018

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Great hiking! We didn't follow enrything an we took a shortcut due to we didn't have enough time to do it. But it was so good!

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