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near Soča, Bovec (Slovenija)

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Lovely walk along the river with several rocky suspension bridges, clambering over rocks and several beautiful deep and narrow gorges. Absolutely recommended to do.
Because of the heat and our dog we did not walk the entire route. This runs quite a bit over the main road and we did not think that was justified with our dog.

After having taken a day off on June 7, we went on Friday June 8th for a trip along the Soca River, the Soca Trail. We parked the car in a parking lot along the main road, just before the town of Soca. Here we walked to the suspension bridge, where our dog is so fond of, and crossed it. On the bridge we immediately had a beautiful view of the deep gorges in the river with the beautiful blue water.

On the other side we walked right along the river and several times a beautiful view of the beautiful Soca River. After about 2 kilometers we arrived at a campsite and crossed a tributary there via a bridge. Here we walked further to the right along the river.

After 4 kilometers we arrived at a bridge that we had to cross and we continued on the other side. Superb view of the sometimes swirling river and mountains. We followed this path for about 2.5 kilometers before we crossed the river again. On the other side we walked another 1.5 kilometers before we turned back. Here we had to cross a bridge again and then walk a considerable distance along the main road. We did not find this safe enough with our dog. We walked back the same way and after about 14 kilometers we were back at the campsite. After a short stop with a drink on the terrace, we walked back to the car.

It was a beautiful trip, mainly flat with a beautiful view of the river with its gorges, blue water and the surrounding mountains. Certainly do if you are in the area.

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