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near Betlanovce, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

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On a trip with friends through Slovakia we took a nice route through the Slovak Paradise National Park (Národný park Slovenský raj). In this park everything is very signposted, each route has its color (eye because the difficulty has nothing to do with the colors).

This route mixes paths, gorges, tracks and perhaps most surprising: aerial roads by metal plates -some of them seem somieres- on the river Honrad (a kind of Caminito del Rey).

The route starts in Podlesok, where there is a paid parking and they sell you the ticket to the park (it cost 1.5 € and at no time they asked us for the ticket). From the campsite we took the blue path that runs alongside a stream and soon we reached the bridge to cross the river Hornad and start the real route. Soon we will begin to walk over the river on metal plates as stairs on the cliff (eye to those who have vertigo).

We will get to the middle of the river and we will see a bridge but we turn right to follow the green road and enter a nice gorge. If things get complicated there are always steps (sometimes wooden, sometimes metal). What if you have to climb a vertical wall? no problem! our friendly Slovak friends have put stairs (sometimes 10 or 20 meters) to climb without further complication.

We will arrive at the ruins of Klástorisko where there is a restaurant where we ate and then we went down first through the green route, then yellow and then red, all three are very simple and less beautiful tracks than the climb.

Note: I have indicated the difficulty as moderate but if you have vertigo: difficult . If you do not have it and you're well prepared (normal waterproof boots and waterproof jacket!): Easy .

I made this route with denim shirt, linen pants and street shoes, the locals (all with their Osprey backpack, their high-top boots and their membrane jackets) looked at me as if saying: this is the first time tread a mountain in your life (and almost are right, so I recommend you go minimally prepared).

Dúhový Vodopád


Izquierda (Camino Amarillo)

Archaeological site

Klástorisko (770)

Klástorisko (770)

Prielom Hornádu

Prielom Hornádu


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