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  • Photo of Slap Rinka
  • Photo of Slap Rinka
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Time  5 hours 32 minutes

Coordinates 1477

Uploaded August 6, 2012

Recorded July 2012

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5,859 f
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7.0 mi

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near Kamniška Bistrica, Kamnik (Slovenija)

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From the parking lot there is 15 minutes to the waterfall, with another 30 minutes climb you plant in the Okreselj shelter. From here we tried to climb the Savinjsko sedlo (neck), but the last stretch, after climbing the side of the scree, is done by a rope and with the dog was impossible. You do not have to stick but the helmet does not spare.


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    ggevel Aug 13, 2016

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    Start at the large parking place at the hut for the Rinka waterfall: Kolca pod slapom Rinka. Reach the waterfall in 15 minutes. Go up to the Okreselj hut.
    Continue on the trail upwards, we returned at a certain point since the trail was to become too difficult requiring climbing. The view was very beautiful, the forest is of dedicuous threes, half open allowing for partial shunshine and shade. Further up there are shrub-like pine threes.

    Food and drinks: at the parking place, at the Rinka waterfall and at Okreselj.
    If you'd continue on the trail: at Kamnisko sedlo.
    The trail is described in the brochure Hiking trails in the lap of the Alps of the tourist information, combining trail 4 and 5 and is very well indicated.
    The trail is also described in Rother walking guide Karawanken and Steiner Alpen no. 43.

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