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near Log Čezsoški, Bovec (Slovenija)

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Full description of the hike available at this address: http://www.randos-montblanc.com/moyen/slap-boka.html

The Slovenian Waterfall (or Slap Boka in Slovenian), with its 139 meters, is the largest waterfall in Slovenia and is located upstream of the river Soča (also called Isonzo). The waterfall begins at a karst spring and has two levels: a first floor 106 meters high and 18 meters wide, and a second floor 33 meters high. During the driest periods, the water flow of the waterfall is about 2 m3 per second, but it can reach up to 100 m3 per second after heavy rains. At the foot of the waterfall, flows the stream called Boka in a steep valley with stony bottom. The stream flows into the Soča River after less than a kilometer, making it one of the shortest streams in Slovenia.

The route I propose here is to follow the trail up to the west of the Boka to join successive views of the waterfall, the last view overlooking the latter. Very short, the course has no particular technical difficulties, but I decided to include it in the category "Medium" because of some steep passages that can be very delicate in case of rain. In addition, a short, slightly exposed passage on a ledge can impress hikers who are most sensitive to the void.

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