9.08 mi

Elevation gain

217 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

217 ft

Max elevation

68 ft



Min elevation

-28 ft

Trail type





November 5, 2020


November 2020

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68 ft
-28 ft
9.08 mi

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near Leiston, England (United Kingdom)

This is an updated route. The original is flooded deep enough to over-top low rise wellies.
This route could be split into two shorter walks. The map shows the east/west path needed for this.
Park at Kenton Hills, off Lovers Lane.
From the car park, head north on the sandy mud track. This is the original route.
Ignore all side turnings.
This track merges with the tarmac lane leading to the Eels Foot Inn.
For the short walk, turn right, east, at the start of the village.
For the long walk, continue north passing the pub. Follow the tarmac further north.
Stay on the tarmac when it bends right, NE. Enter the RSPB reserve.
Many of the trees on this stretch fell in the Michael Fish non-hurricane back in the 1980s.
The trees have regrown from the stumps.
When the tarmac bends right, east, turn off and continue NE, uphill.
Climb the hill. There are fine views to the right.
Drop down and cross another tarmac road leading to the bird reserve. Head NE into woodland.
After 380 metres, turn right, roughly east towards the National Trust Coastguard Cottages.
Continue east and later SE to the Coastguard Cottages. There is a cafe, a shop and toilets.
Head SE, through the expensive National Trust car park. This is an alternative start point for the walk.
Head SE down to the beach and then south along the shore all the way to the Sizewell Power Stations.
At low tide, there is firm wet sand and gravel. At high tide walk on the shingle and low sand dunes.
This terrain is in danger of being washed away in a north sea storm.
Half way to the power stations, head south passing Minsmere Sluice.
SHORT WALK: Leave the beach at Minsmere Sluice.
The octagonal outfall structure is a fairly obvious landmark.
Head west, ditch right, minster left.
There is an alternative footpath via the Minster remains.
LONG WALK: Continue south along the beach.
After the power stations, there is a cafe (Sizewell T) and toilets.
Head south and later SW on the tarmac road. Head SW past the Vulcan Arms.
Ignore the major right turn into the power station.
Take the next much smaller right turn onto a sandy track, NW and later north.
On the left is the electricity sub-station for the offshore wind farms.
Turn left, NW, avoiding the private drive to a house.
Continue NW to the next house. Turn right and soon left, NW, house left.
After some woodland the path emerges into a grassy area.
Head a little west of north across the grassland. There were some tame horses here.
After the grassland, drop down steeply to a water meadow.
Go through the gates and across the bridge. Head north, river right.
At a gate and concrete bridge, turn left and head NW across the wetland.
Expect wet feet unless your boots are in top condition.
Go through a gate into woodland crossing another bridge and a board walk.
Head north and later NW.
Turn left, west, towards the car park. The path bends left, SW.

Coast Guard Cottages, Minsmere

Car park

TM 47684 67730, Minsmere NT

Car park

TM 45211 66691, Lay-By


Eel's Foot Inn, Eastbridge

  • Photo of Eel's Foot Inn, Eastbridge
  • Photo of Eel's Foot Inn, Eastbridge
Eel's Foot Inn, Eastbridge
Religious site


  • Photo of Minster

Minsmere Sluice

  • Photo of Minsmere Sluice
Minsmere Sluice
Car park

TM 45351 63859, Parking


Vulcan Arms, Sizewell


Sizewell T



Car park

TM 47496 62956, Sizewell Gap (Pay)

  • Photo of TM 47496 62956, Sizewell Gap (Pay)
TM 475 629, Sizewell Gap (Pay)


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