Time  4 hours 27 minutes

Coordinates 1320

Uploaded September 11, 2017

Recorded August 2017

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6,673 ft
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near Cumpătu, Județul Prahova (România)

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A route in which we will climb from the town of Sinaia to the Telecabina that is located in Cota 2000 in the Bucegi Mountains. We will follow the signage of a vertical line of blue color on a white background in a square. I love the signage of the trails, how much we have to learn from them in my country.

We left next to a large park where we see the first marks of the route. At first we will make the path along the path No. 1 with signaling like ours but with the strip in red that goes to the same destination but by a different path. We enter a small alley.

We walk a little through its streets, while progressively gaining height. The signage will prevent you from getting lost. We pass next to the entrance to one of the most beautiful places in the area. This is the Peles Castle, where I visited last year. It is worth a detailed and guided visit.

We continue through its streets and a short distance on a straight. We see in the background a kind of wooden hermitage. In this place, our path separates from path # 1, which goes to the left. We will continue for a while along a paved track that goes up to level 1400.

In a curve we will definitely abandon the presence of asphalt to walk through a surprising forest. At the entrance to the forest there is a sign, announcing the presence of Bears, you have to pay attention is no joke.

We see small waterfalls in our path.

The path is perfectly marked, we pass by a fountain. A little further up in an area of ​​large meadows called Poiana Stanei. We are going to make a small detour to see a nice viewpoint.

We passed a small cabin, which we surrounded on the right. We climbed a little and we found ourselves in front of the Stâncile Franz Josef lookout. Today I have a cloudy day and the beauty of its views can not be appreciated.

After a while I descend where I came to the meadow, where I continue my walk. Just when the road enters the forest, we will turn right along the marked path. The path continues progressively gaining height, I see spectacular sites in my path. The legs have not gone up so long and they start to complain a little.

I almost reach the highest part in the direction of Pietra Arsa, where I will not reach this time. I'll leave it for this other route ..... There are some very curious stones that I climb, they are beautiful viewpoints and one of which I stop for lunch.

After lunch I returned to my path. I pass through a crossroads and I turn left towards Cota 2000. At a point I see how there are several paths on my left, the path will take a downhill path to Cota 1400. A little to my right goes up to the Furnica peak obvious. And my way goes a little between the two, with which I avoid the rise to the peak and I do not go down too much.

I cross a kind of track that they have created recently and I continue in the direction of the cable car that I already see in front of me. The path is already very diffuse, but it will take you below the building to our goal.

At last I got my first big climb in the Carpathians, in the mountains of Bucegi. I stay a while and descend in the gondola lift, then walk a little to where I had left the car. I wish you enjoy the route.

Video of the route

Transport Private vehicle.

Recommended time Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Level of difficulty: Hard
Distance: 12.2 km
Elevation + 1290 meters Elevation - 144 meters
Total time: 4h 27 '
Moving time: 3h 32 '
Time stopped: 54 '
Average total speed: 2.74 km / h
Average speed in movement: 3.45 km / h
Total average pace per km: 21:51 min / km
Average pace in movement per km: 16:20 min / km
IBP Index Index: 89 Report

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Cruzar pista 13:42:09


Telecabina Cota 2000 13:44:32


Abandonamos carretera 09:57:'


Cascadas 10:01:19


Castillo de Peles 09:39:53


Cruce de Senderos 09:42:32


Cruce de senderos 12:58:51


Derecha 09:36:17


Derecha 10:49:11


Desvío al mirador Stânca Sfânta Ana 10:29:09


Fuente 10:26:23


Inicio Senda 09:22:36


Izquierda 10:03:11


Izquierda 13:17:21


Mirador 12:31:51


Mirador Stânca Sfânta Ana 10:35:33


  • Photo of calgobia

    calgobia Sep 13, 2017

    Antonio estate ya quieto que me vas a fundir el móvil

  • Photo of antotemo

    antotemo Sep 13, 2017

    Hay carmelo como te hecho de menos joio. En la última semana de este mes comenzamos con la nueva temporada, estate preparado.

  • Photo of Nimbus30

    Nimbus30 Sep 13, 2017

    Antiguos valles glaciares, que no dejan lagos y un paisaje de postal.
    Creo que te vas a convertir en el guia oficial de rumania en español. Un saludo.

  • Photo of Roman Velarde

    Roman Velarde Sep 13, 2017

    Bonita ruta Antonio pero la instalación de gas no está muy bien 😜😜

  • Photo of antotemo

    antotemo Sep 19, 2017

    Gracias chicos, es una zona que no puedes dejar de visitar si vas a Rumania. Aunque hay otras muchas, que me quedan por descubrir. Estos Carpatos dan mucho de si.
    Roman no sería mala idea una visita a estos lugares frios en invierno, para revisar estas instalaciones.

  • akro_bat Sep 14, 2018

    Hola, es peligroso hacer rutas solo por la zona? Lo pregunto porque he leído que hay osos y en ocasiones han atacado algún turista.

  • Photo of antotemo

    antotemo Sep 14, 2018

    Hola akro_bat, siempre es conveniente ir acompañado. Yo las hice solo, pero no sabes lo que puede pasar. Siempre hacer ruido, para que nos escuche y se retiré. Saludos Antonio.

  • Photo of antotemo

    antotemo Sep 14, 2018

    Hola akro_bat, siempre es conveniente ir acompañado. Yo las hice solo, pero no sabes lo que puede pasar. Siempre hacer ruido, para que nos escuche y se retiré. Saludos Antonio.

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