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near Buckeye, California (United States)

This little used, unmaintained Forest Service trail leads to a beautiful 30 foot falls with a deep pool underneath it. This is Silver Falls. Old mining debris can be seen around the stream leading up to the falls. I recommend parking at the landing at waypoint 1, then hiking a steep, deteriorating road until waypoint 2 (the unmarked trailhead on the right) is reached. The trail starts off pretty level but eventually plummets very steeply after passing the last drainage. Expect to fall down--especially if it is wet. A few flat spots are at the bottom for camping. More info on this trail can be found in Tom Peterson's book "Georgetown Trails, or Trying to get lost off the divide". Hikers only on this trail. Lots of fragrant Bay trees are along the trail as well as poison oak, so wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt. No motorized vehicles are permitted. Horses and bicycles are not recommended due to the steepness of the trail.


Silver Falls


Trail head


Parking along the 13N58N road


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