• Photo of Yunga Landscape
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near Yerbani, La Paz (Bolivia)

Though some like to complete this 25-30 kilometer hike in one day, it's most often done in two days. The best place to spend the night by far is in Sandillani, about 20 kilometers into the hike. Besides an incredible view at the top of the first kilometer, most of the hike is spend in thick forest, winding your way down 1500 meters. It may not have the same open views as The Choro and The Takesi, but it certainly has it's charm and can easily be done in a weekend. Another bonus is that no private transport is required; busses running between La Paz and Coroico will take you to where you need to go.

Yunga Landscape

The Yungas is the region just on the other side of the Andes from La Paz; a wildly diverse ecosystem where glaciers meet jungle.


Since the Japanese hermit died in 2013, this space has had trouble finding a proper caretaker. This has changed. Since 2017, Willy and Rosa have done an excellent job of cleaning up the place and offering camping, cabins, food and beer to weary hikers. You can contact (or send a WhatsApp message to) Willy at this number to reserve beds, dinner and breakfast: +591 73062033


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