6.6 mi

Elevation gain

1,647 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3,527 ft

Max elevation

5,977 ft


31 4.7

Min elevation

2,491 ft

Trail type

One Way


3 days 23 hours 2 minutes




January 14, 2013


June 2012
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5,977 ft
2,491 ft
6.6 mi

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near Kaprejë, Shkodër (Albania)

Most people miss the opportunity to go on a hike when arriving to Theth but there's a multitude of walking options. The Shtegu i Dhenve is one of them and may be the most challenging.
Two versions exist of which this is the longer one.
Ask your driver to be dropped off at the trailhead, it's marked and located after the 5th hairpin bend behind Boga, and have your luggage taken to the guesthouse of your choice. The first two (minimizing walking distance) are owned by Plum Charku and his cousin Mehill Carku.

The recorded trail goes to the center of Theth and takes an estimated 5h, better plan more as the trail is in bad condition. It can be shortened by up to 3km if you decide to stay in the first guesthouse along the way.

Your trail leads you through a beautiful stretch of shady untouched forest while rising to an area known as Gropa e Portes ("Valley of the Door"). This used to be the one connection on which all men, goods and animals travelled from and to Theth until the road was constructed in the 1930s. A few stans (summer pastures) are still located here and to the left the Radohimes Massif invites for more daring hikes. Crossing the small valley you pass a pond (polluted) and freshwater spring, which is not very reliable, before you ascend to the highest point of your hike at 1820m.
The following part called Shtegu i Dhenve ("Gates of the Goats" or "Ziegensteig"), a bridle path, is in poor condition and almost unused. Following the trail can be difficult and nowadays it more resembles a scree field than the main connection of a whole valley.
At the bottom you reach the road but don't follow it and instead cut shot at every possible point.
When you get closer to the center more shortcuts will be possible, it's best to download the Shkoder - Theth driving track and compare both to each other.

Beware that this is the site several accidents took place, it's easy to slip, so keep your eyes open, stay concentrated and take it easy.
Of course it's "safer" to tackle the Shtegu from Thethi, but that makes for a very exhausting climb.

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710 m height

forest clears

16-JUN-12 15:55:08

Gropa e Portes


Junction Boga / Qaf Thores / Shtegu i Dhenve

11-JUN-12 10:41:59

Malsoria Bar & Restaurant

20-JUN-12 13:42:44

Mehill Carku

16-JUN-12 14:12:39

Old Campegio Complex

940 m height

pedestrian brige

800 m height

ruined stan 1


School & Hosptial

09-JUN-12 18:46:16

Shtegu i Dhenve

11-JUN-12 11:12:59

small hydropower-plant

770 m height

Theth car bridge


trailhead Shtegu i Dhenve (Boga)

08-JUN-12 19:51:08

trailhead Shtegu i Dhenve (Theth)

13-JUN-12 13:08:42

watersoure (not always reliable)

11-JUN-12 11:01:44

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  • klithoti Feb 26, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very beautiful, specially during winter.

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