9.98 mi

Elevation gain

226 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

226 ft

Max elevation

114 ft



Min elevation

-12 ft

Trail type





October 23, 2020


October 2020

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114 ft
-12 ft
9.98 mi

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near Shotley, England (United Kingdom)

Park near Shotley Village Hall.
Head west along the B1456, The Street.
Turn left, west, off the B1456. Ignore the first footpath, left.
Turn left, SW, onto the second footpath, diagonally across a field.
Continue SW into woodland. The path bends right, NW, later north.
Turn left, west, onto tarmac.
Opposite a historic building, turn right, NW along Warren Lane.
At woodland, turn left, SW, woods right and later across open fields.
At a hedge, kink left and right, and head SW on a wide farm track.
The surface changes from gravel to concrete and later joins a tarmac lane.
When the tarmac bends right, continue SW on a footpath, hedge right.
Kink right and left through a hedge gap and continue SW, hedge left.
Head down to the reservoir, water left.
Head SW, down a slope away from the reservoir towards a copse, trees right.
Go through a gate into grazing, hedge right.
Continue SW through more gates and meadows towards a large barn, left.
Cross the tarmac farm access road and head west, hedge left, towards houses.
Continue west towards the houses after a field gap.
At the houses, turn left, south, on a road that soon dwindles to a farm track.
When the road becomes private, turn right, south, hedge left, towards the river.
Near the low cliff top, tunnel left through a hedge hap and head east, river right.
Follow the coast path, east, all the way to Shotley Gate.
The beach route with salt marshes is not ideal so stay on higher ground.
In Shotley Gate follow the coast east and later north.
Use the top lock gate to cross to the east side of the marina.
There are fine views towards the port of Felixstowe.
At the north end of the marina, bend left, eventually south.
Then follow the footpath west, uphill.
At the main road, B1456, turn right, NW, along the road.
After the last house, turn left, west, on a farm track, hedge right.
At an isolated house, turn right, north and head towards the village hall.
At the main road, turn left and left again into the Village Hall car park.

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Car park

TM 23515 35065, Shotley

  • Photo of TM 23515 35065, Shotley
  • Photo of TM 23515 35065, Shotley
  • Photo of TM 23515 35065, Shotley
TM 23515 35065, Shotley
Car park


Car park


Car park



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