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near White Rock, Virginia (United States)

We hiked this loop counterclockwise from White Rock Gap and it clocked in at 10.3 miles. The highlight being White Rock Creek and the private waterfall and swimming hole. We did arrive at the hidden spot late in the day around 4pm to the spot and the traffic in the area may have been lower with the Sherando Lake Campgrounds closed. Nonetheless, there were plenty of cascades and pools along White Rock Creek where you could find our own spot to enjoy. There were a few vistas both on the on the White Rock Falls Trail and the Torry Ridge Trail, but they are mediocre and don’t have the openness that can make a Virginia vista great. Lastly, Sherando Lake was pretty enjoyable and the lower lake would allow for a nice swim in warmer waters and some beach time. However, I would imagine it being much business typically when Sherando Campgrounds are open.

For our full report see: https://travel2walk.com/2020/07/02/virginia-hikes-sherando-lake-torry-ridge-white-rock-falls-loop-june-27-2020/

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