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5.41 mi

Elevation gain

144 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

157 ft

Max elevation

151 ft



Min elevation

10 ft

Trail type





September 8, 2014


September 2014
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151 ft
10 ft
5.41 mi

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near Shalfleet, England (United Kingdom)

A Wild and lonely creek, with a woodland walk in and out, on fire roads.

Heading west from the lay-by, away from the Village, stick to the the grass verge facing the oncoming traffic until you reach the footpath sign: S11 to Pigeon Coo. Cross the stile and keep to the path around the edge of the field until you reach the wooden footbridge

Cross the wooden footbridge turn right, and keep to the edge of the creek, and take the first path on your left. This is only a narrow strip of woodland, any of the paths on your left will take you to the fire road.

At the fire road turn right on the Coastal Path and cross over the stone bridge, and continue onwards until you reach the S28 footpath sign.

Take a right on the S28 Hamstead Trail and continue on this obvious fire road until you reach the pink coloured house, continue through the metal five bar gate until you meet the S3 sign in the hedgerow on the left. It is worth continuing past the S3 sign for 30 metres to the small jetty, to get a good view of the creek.

Follow the S3 continuing over the the walk-boards until you reach a grass field. Keep to the left of this field for at least 250 metres till you reach a stile. There is a gap in the field perimeter early on, ignore this - you must walk until you reach the stile on the left.

After crossing the stile, walk diagonally left across the field aiming for the bottom left corner.

Cross the stile and footbridge, then continue straight until you reach the shoreline.
Detour to Spit

You can take a 20 minute detour by walking right on the beach to the spit at the head of the creek, to get a good view of the whole creek.

Detour, or not, you have to walk left along the shingle beach, past the monument dedicated to the five fishermen who lost their lives on the nearby Hamstead Ledge.

The path then leaves the beach just before the concrete ramp on the shoreline and climbs gently upward to Hamstead Farm.

Go through the gate and through the farm keeping to the obvious track. Then take a 90 degree left and following the S30 down the obvious fire road back to the stone bridge you crossed earlier.

Then it's just a case of re-tracing your route back to the lay-by.

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