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near Timișu de Jos, Braşov (România)

The Seven Ladders Canyon located in Piatra Mare Mountain (Big Rock Mountain) is probably the most well known canyon in Romania. The 7 ladders (actually there are 9 of them) take you upstream beside breathtaking waterfalls, so even if you are afraid of height, you can enjoy the view. The highest waterfall is about 15 meters high having a ladder placed so close to it, which means that you sometimes risk getting a bit wet while climbing the rungs. The best season to visit the Canyon doubtless is autumn, when the nature turns into a colorful painting. (For more information you can access the following article:
Our hike to the Canyon and back to the parking lot took 7,4 km, moving time being 2h 21min, stopped time 44min. Our average moving speed was 3,16 km/h, the total ascent 395 m, and the total descent 305 m.

1. waypoint

At this point you can choose between two routes: if you go ahead following the yellow marks, you arrive to the canyon, but if you turn on the left, you choose the special route dedicated for families.

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Here you can take a rest and gather some information about the flora of Piatra Mare Mountains.

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A small wooden house on the left side of the route.

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Wooden stairs in the forest.

5. waypoint

The ticket office and also the place where you can rent the equipment for the zip line.

6. waypoint

The entrance of the canyon. Let's see: who is the bravest of us?

7. waypoint

The highest point of our tour - 1092 m

8. waypoint

A little wooden bridge above the Șipoaia creek.

9. waypoint

Finally we returned to the starting point. Who knows when will be the next time to visit again this amazing canyon?


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