Time  8 hours 38 minutes

Coordinates 1914

Uploaded February 16, 2017

Recorded April 2014

4,420 f
1,774 f
12.85 mi

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near Cuatretondeta, Valencia (España)

The Serrella Ridge is our favorite walking area. Walks including PLA DE LA CASA, MALLO DE LLOP,
F ACHECA-FAMORCA CIRCUIT, THE GHOSTS (Las Freres) among others are all must dos.
The ridge end to end is a fabulous walk, certainly worth the car shuffling necessary. Allow 9 hours to
be on the safe side. It would be worthwhile to bring along some of the mentioned walks as rescue points in case of bad weather or sore muscles.

WALK SPECS: DISTANCE 21km. - WALKING TIME 6 ½ hrs. - ASCENT 1400 mtrs. - Grade VS
(Walking time only add time for breaks and lunch)
WRITE-UP BY: Jean & Bob Hall [email protected] NEW Apr. 2014
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