4,586 f
2,816 f
9.86 mi

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near Bustelo, Viseu (Portugal)

Marked as moderate, this trail progresses very often through some adventurous unmarked terrain. Compared with my other moderate trails, this one would perhaps be better classified as moderate-difficult. Good hiking boots and a lot of attention where you put your feet are a must.

Beginning CCW at Bustelo (da Lage) village, this hiking day at the Montemuro mountain range was to become a surprise. Another gorgeous winter day, the sun was shinning. But the surprise came from the fact, that this trail had nothing to do with another trail I did just a few days ago to the west (SERRA DE MONTEMURO (NONINHA) 11.2.19), which now seemed to come out of a totally different mountain. My not so high expectations were suddenly blown up as I went along through a quite diversified and beautiful landscape. Villages gave way to small green valleys, to a small river, and suddenly you were ascending up to 1.400 m through low sturdy vegetation, huge granite blocks which I like to call the gentle giants, and wind towers. A big plus was the complete lack of eucalyptus trees and the spotting of some birds like two eagles (probably the golden eagle), one common blackbird, and a few more I was not able to identify. I also heard a crow. I think it was a crow. There was a lizard too and some herds of cows, sheep and goats. Not much but better than nothing.

The two villages, Bustelo (da Lage) and Alhões, were both very interesting indeed. Though lacking the old architectonic unity, you could find some incredible ancient houses made out of granite stones. And the village's life was there with its people and its deep rural feel.

The landscapes were wide and sometimes magnificent, very inviting to go off-track which I did more than once. Everything just felt great and inspiring. At this time of year, you find a lot of damp terrain and a lot water streams, many hidden by the vegetation. This is very interesting because it plays a big contrast with the dry looking surroundings, making everything the more mysterious.

All in all, I was impressed and very happy.


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