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Time  4 hours 57 minutes

Coordinates 2525

Uploaded March 9, 2019

Recorded March 2019

937 f
-105 f
9.09 mi

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near Sinsŏl-tong, Seoul (South Korea)

This Trail is a mix of modern and ancient Seoul. The part at the Ingwangsan Mountain follows the course of the ancient City Wall. It is a nice and not too difficult walk with stunning views. On the Mountain are no possibilities to buy some food or drinks. You should be prepared for a nice meal on the top of Seoul.
If you have time you can go the complete course of the ancient city wall. As well it seems that parts of the course today still the last defense line in a, hopefully never happen, war events.
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View from Inwangsan
View from Inwangsan
View from Inwangsan
View from Inwangsan


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