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near Los Barrios, Andalucía (España)

Coming from the direction of Los Barrios on the A - 381 we took exit 77 and followed the C - 440a to the signposted starting place of this walk.

About one kilometre before you get to the parking place for the Sendero Valdeinfierno we saw some bizarre rock formations and decided to lengthen the Valdeinfierno walk.

From the parking place it is a 1.5 km. walk to the real start of the walk along this beautifully situated river, a stretch that you could also do by car as there is another big parking place there.

The first 600 metres of the path alongside the river is also suitable for wheelchairs and rollators and leads you through a part of nature which is enormoulsy different from the first 1.5 kilometers of this walk.

It is a beautiful, scenic path which after the first 600 metres gradually goes up again to the level of the broad track. All in all it merely is a stretch of 2 kilometers along the river but it is very enjoyable.

Getting back to the level of the track there is a Panorama information panel and shortly after a newly built picknick place.

From there we went back to the parking place and followed the path signposted as 'Corridor de Dos Bahias'. This also is a beautiful track as it provides you with good views of many very striking rock formations and views on Gibraltar and the park 'Los Alcornocales' itself.

When this track ended on the road we turmed left and walked the road back to the parking place, but not without paying attention to the most bizarre rock formations that made our jaws drop with surprise earlier this afternoon on our to the parking place.

Parking place


Information panel

Cañada Real San Roque a Medina Via Pecuaria this is the beginning of the Valdeinfierno track

Picknick place


View Gibraltar


Crocodile Rock


Corredor Verde de Dos Bahias


Rock giant

Remarkable rock formations


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