• Photo of Sendero Michinmahuida

Moving time  5 hours 3 minutes

Time  7 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates 3905

Uploaded December 4, 2019

Recorded January 2019

3,147 f
427 f
14.91 mi

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near Caleta Santa Bárbara, Los Lagos Region (Chile)

The views once we were past the bushline of the snow covered Volcán Michinmahuida and the unnamed glacier hanging off it was indeed worthwhile view. So was the look back down the climb we made through the jungle and out toward the ocean down the Río Rayas drainage. The river itself wasn’t so colorful as it was saturated with volcanic ash and silt. The main issue was the 6+ mile hike each way through a rather boring jungle. But if you are looking for solitude, you’ll get your space on the way through the jungle.

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