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Uploaded March 9, 2018

Recorded March 2018

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near Alto Quiel, Chiriquí (Republic of Panama)

We hiked the Sendero los Quetzales from the Ranger Station on the Boquete side (Chiquero) to the Ranger Station on the Cerro Punta side (Respingo) with a detour to the Mirador de las Rocas and then returned to the start. The trail is well marked and there are no route finding issues. There is a steep section in the middle (almost like a staircase) but the trail is well built in that section. There is one river crossing on stones. About 4 meters across and never more than 40 cm deep should one step in the water. The park entry fee was $5 per person. Wikiloc for some reason is showing a faster time than we actually walked. It was about 3.5 hours up, and 3 hours back. Although the Park Service says the distance is 7 km each way, it is actually 8 km each way.


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