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near Monda, Andalucía (España)

30 04 2019

This is a circular walk of approximately 6.5Km, starting from the Monda carpark and heading out onto the Camino Alpujata, passing the sports stadium and cemetery .

I would recommend trekking poles and long trousers as some parts of this walk are overgrown with Junipers and other prickly bushes.

When you cross over the firebreak the descent is very stony and rocky, for over 1Km.
One section is misleading, but stay to the left. (I have mentioned it on the waypoint).

The last section of the walk uses a main road foe a while, so be cautious.

As usual in Monda you get some lovely tapas at the restaurant Carboneros in plaza de la Ermita, a stone's throw away from the carpark. Ask for Cristoba, tell him Tony sent you.
Enjoy the walk.
Turn right onto fire break


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